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Service and repair

Serving up repairs on all kinds of bikes


 a smart solution to keep your bike running at the level you need 




This is what we do:


Personal service

Offering a collection and delivery service allows us to create a more personal approach.


Packages to meet your needs

If you’re a performance rider it’s likely you will want your bike tuned to perfection. Our recreational riders want reliability. 


Service plan focusing on what needs doing

Basic service prices start at £45. Our lower overheads mean we are also more competitively priced than most stores.  We don’t have set packages.  If your wheel bearings don’t need re-greasing, we won’t re-grease them. 

Ride - Inspect - Report - Repair 

We listen to your comments, then test ride each bike, inspect how it functions and report on the condition. Then we can suggest a suitable plan to meet your performance expectations and budget.

Our services are fully insured with Pubilic Liability up to £5M



Here's a sample of what you will receive

Screen Shot 2018-10-03 at 17.05.25.png
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